Day 14: Arriving in Columbus

6/26/15: 55 miles, Mount Vernon, Ohio, to downtown Columbus, Ohio

I was due to be in a rehearsal dinner for my pals Dan and Brigid by 4 p.m. in Columbus, so I got out early. The Heart of Ohio Trail, another paved beauty, shot me south toward Delaware County, where I’d ride through Sunbury and into the northeast side of Columbus. My fellow Denisonian, David Strong, who lives in Westerville, and I made last-minute plans to meet up since the OTE went right by his house. As I got on the Westerville Bike and Walk trail, David headed north and met me to guide my through Westerville like a harbor master would at a port:

We hung out at his house for about a half hour, where I met his wife, kids, in-laws, and the rest of his bikes. David and I never really rode much at Denison, despite the incredible roads, paths and off road options. Alas, we were young and dumb. But we were getting our miles in now as grown men.

David rode with me to Schrock Road, a bike-laned road that connects to the Olentangy River path that goes through OSU’s campus and into downtown Columbus. I used to ride these routes when I lived in Columbus for the summer of 2007. Got nostalgic instantly. Especially when I saw the Budweiser plant, one of 12 major breweries for Bud. (Just kidding.)

I made it downtown to the Hyatt where we stayed for the wedding with an hour or so to spare in between a quick lunch at North Star Cafe, laundry, a shave and a stretch. Made it happen. Credit to my girlfriend for keeping me on my toes, otherwise I’dve been late like I usually am.



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