Day 16: To Cincinnati

6/30/15: 81 miles, London, Ohio, to Milford, Ohio

About 20 minutes after I woke up — just taking my first sips of coffee — John texted me and said he was in town. It was about 8 a.m. I was surprised, honestly. I figured the road would decide the man’s fate, and yet, he came out on top.

I packed up and we met here:

Had coffee and a bike shop inside. #ohiotoerietrail #Ohio #coffee #bikeshop #biketour

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This was the first coffee shop, and business for the matter, that catered to touring cyclists on the Ohio-to-Erie Trail. It had a guest book, wall of jerseys, and bike posters all over the place. It wasn’t all unlike a place you’d find on a more heavily traveled Adventure Cycling route. The owner, Mike, told us of his tours. John and I met in person, had a red eye coffee (shot of espresso poured into a cup of coffee). We went over the OTE maps and chatted, even though it felt like we knew each other from our conversations hitherto.

Unlike the ride from Cleveland to Columbus, the terrain from Columbus to Cincinnati is flat and entirely on a paved bike path. It’s awesome. I’d always wanted to ride across Ohio, where I’ve spent most of my life, and this path was the highlight for sure.

#Xenia #Ohio #travelbybike #b&o #trains #station #ohiotoerietrail

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The Prairie Grass Trail shoots you west from Columbus to Xenia.

#Xenia #ohiotoerietrail #Ohio

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There, you connect to the Little Miami Scenic Trail to Cincinnati. I’ll say it here, loud and clear:

The Little Miami Scenic Trail is the nicest bike path in Ohio. It’s smooth, graded, straight, goes through small towns ranging from abandoned and sleepy to bustling and charming.

We ended up in Milford, a river town about 15 miles from downtown Cincinnati. We went into an outdoors store there, Roads Rivers and Trails. They told us for $5, we could camp in the leanto at the park along the river. Hell yes. Perfect. We grabbed dinner in town, then went to set up.

Then the beer fairy showed up. Ed, the brother of one of my best friend’s wife (all from Cincy), saw on Facebook that I was in Cincy, texted me and decided to come meet John and I. He brought a 6-pack for us all, so we went to work, joked around and listened to the cresting, swollen Little Miami River rush its way to the Ohio.

Tomorrow, we’d enter Kentucky.

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