A drop in damage as aircraft bird strike reports climb, FAA data show

Moments after United Flight 1738 took off from O’Hare International Airport on the clear morning of Thursday, June 1, passenger Drew Tewksbury heard a thud. The plane tilted left, then leveled out.

Tewksbury, 48, an insurance executive from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, said the plane’s right engine started making the sound of a car driving down a highway with a flat tire.

“Within 30 seconds, someone in the back said, ‘Hey, there’s flames coming out’,” he said.

Bound for Miami, the twin-engine Boeing 737-900 suffered a bird strike. According to air traffic control recordings, pilots said the plane struck a flock of geese.

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Video: Heineken buys Lagunitas

For my mobile web video course, where we dive deep into Adobe Premiere, I’m learning the art of the social-media style video. The course is taught by Ivan Meyers.

Here, a short business reporting video about Heineken buying Lagunitas on May 4, 2017. Full news story here.

Costa Concordia

In the July/August 2013 issue of FFJournal, my first cover story was published.

Costa Concordia.


It’s about the metalwork involved with the Costa Concordia shipwreck salvage.

Click the photo or link here: Salvaging a Shipwreck.




This past month, ModernMetals.com and FFJournal.net, the online complements to Modern Metals and FFJournal, were moved to a new content management system. As kinks get worked out and the site polished up, I’ll post more stories under my clips.

Updated Magazine Clips

It’s certainly been long overdue, but I’ve updated links under writing clips from web exclusives published by Modern Metals and FFJournal magazines.  As more go live on modernmetals.com and ffjournal.net, I will post them.

Modern Metals and FFJournal cover industries such as metal fabricating, material handling, forming technology, steel service center news, OEMs, welding, as well as and automotive, aerospace, and infrastructure.

Check back for more.