Writing Clips

Below are selected clips of Nikolas’ writing, advertising, photography and graphic design.  Links are arranged by category and chronology.

Magazine & Feature:

2015: “Heart of Oregon: Welder sells “Roseburg Strong” sheet metal cutouts to benefit the shooting victims of Umpqua Community College.” Feature for FFJournal, 11/15. PDF.

2015: “Motor City Streetcar: In a move to rejuvenate downtown, crews lay over 1,000 tons of fabricated rail through the heart of Detroit.” Cover story for FFJournal, 2/15. PDF.

2014: “Red Roof Makeover: When copper shows its age, crews use new metal to restore state capitol domes.” Feature for Modern Metals, 12/14. PDF.

2014: “Layer by Layer: As 3-D printed metal proves itself from gears to guns, fabricators should consider the technology in coming years.” Cover story for FFJournal, 10/14. PDF.

2013: “Salvaging a Shipwreck: In removing the Costa Concordia, crews take metalwork and marine salvage to a whole other league.” Cover story for FFJournal, 7-8/2013. PDF.

2012: “Young Wrench: Driven by sparks of success, 20-something makes career of motorcycle welding and teaching his craft.” Web exclusive for FFJournal, 12/12.

2012: “Cycle of Perfection: As the handmade bicycle industry grows, so too does fabrication quality.” Web exclusive for FFJournal, 6/12.

2012: “Prepainted Playmaker: Alucobond panels add modern allure to MLS stadium, driving design downfield.” Feature for Modern Metals, 4/12.

2011: “Flawless Fabrication: Handmade titanium bicycle company perfects its craft with U.S.-sourced tubing.” Web exclusive for FFJournal, 11/11.

2010: “Manifest Combustion: Cleveland Cyclists Spin for I-90 Mutli-Modal Path.” As it appears in Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac.

2008: “City Highlights: Cleveland Industrial Market.” Ghostwritten on behalf of commercial real estate company Colliers Ostendorf-Morris.  Heartland Real Estate Business. 12/08.


2011: “Bicycle Film Festival.” Urbnexplorer.com.  3/1/11.

2009: “As The Crow Rides: Cleveland’s Cyclists Rally for I-90 Bridge Path.”Rustwire.com.  12/8/09.

2009: “Seeing Green Urbanism.” Rustwire.com.  11/19/09.


2007: “County breaks ground on Downtown ballpark.” The Columbus Dispatch. 8/2/07.

2007: “Muscle cars flex appeal at Expo Center.” The Columbus Dispatch. 7/13/07.

2007:  “Council OKs renovation of Denison art building.” PDF. The Columbus Dispatch. 6/21/07.

2007:  “Neighbors object to glass, steel addition at Denison.” PDF. The Columbus Dispatch. 6/6/07.

Marketing, Advertising, & Copywriting

2011: Mountain Road Cycles 2011 Ad.  PDF.  As it appears in Ohio Sports & Fitness, Feb/March.  Page 11.  Advertisement for cycling retailer Mountain Road Cycles in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

2009: Colliers Ostendorf-Morris – Golden Gloves.  PDF.  Advertisement for commercial real estate firm Colliers Ostendorf-Morris in Cleveland, Ohio.

2008: Colliers Ostendorf-Morris – Holiday Card. PDF. This is a parody of Clement Clarke Moore’s “Twas The Night Before Christmas,” written for a tenant representation client at Colliers Ostendorf-Morris, a large commercial real estate firm in Cleveland, Ohio.

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