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  • Why would you do that to yourself?

    Why would you do that to yourself?

    On Saturday, I spent 8 hours riding a 126-mile loop around Paul Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin. It wasn’t a race. It wasn’t a charity ride. It was pain management. The Evansville Classic 200K was my first randonneuring brevet. It was one hell of a— Wait, what? What are those words? Randonneuring. Brevet. I don’t know that […]

  • Under the Viaduct

    Bicycle parking for the 2011 Bicycle Film Festival [Chicago] underneath the Western Avenue viaduct (Western/Belmont).  Temperature 28ºF, with freezing rain.  Made for a nasty ride home.

  • Willis

    Willis [Sears] Tower from the Chicago River.  2009.