Nikolas Wright

I’ve been a professional journalist for 10 years, writing for magazines, newspapers, and various online outlets. Since 2017, my work as a freelancer has appeared in Quartz, The Prepared, Sunset Magazine, Builtin.com, and elsewhere.

This site is a dynamic portfolio, highlighting wordsmithing and copywriting across an array of media: traditional journalism to advertising and blogging. More recently, I’ve focused on how to incorporate technology in journalism, specifically product, data, chat bots, and design thinking.

Occasional navel gazing, photography (usually of bikes) and other media make appearances here.

My wife and I live in Sacramento, California, after six years in Chicago and two years traveling the country. I grew up in Cleveland, where I remember sitting behind steel support pillars at the old Cleveland Stadium.

I studied writing at Denison University, and later completed a master’s in the first media innovation and entrepreneurship program at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Some of my vitals: